How to Resolve LG Dryer Making Noise? DIY Repair & Replacement

For regular laundry needs, LG dryers have been a reliable option for years. However, users can encounter some general troubles with dryer functioning. A noisy dryer is one such trouble that not only scares the users but can also be seriously problematic if left ignored. Generally, LG dryer noise can be due to a variety of factors like clicking noises, noise from water sources, and a drum roller.
To make laundry drying a smooth experience, we can try troubleshooting the LG dryer making a loud noise. Here are a few tips to check the noise and know its cause for noise troubleshooting. 

What is Normal Dryer Noise?

Generally, LG dryers or any other dryer produces a normal humming sound. It is produced by heavy machinery operation. The dryer may also have a clicking sound when the heater or motor is turned on. 

Some Common Problems Causing LG Dryer Noise

Rattling of LG Dryers

A cause of concern is generally a rattling sound, produced mainly when something is hindering the operation. It could be produced by metal in the clothing like zippers, buttons, and decorative accessories; hitting the drum. Closing the zippers, coins, screws, buttons, and tucking accessories; can help resolve the issue. However, if the LG dryer makes noise, there could be other problems.

Defective LG Dryer Produces Noise

Over time, the LG dryer machine parts become old and worn out. They may fail to function efficiently and start creating noise. An LG dryer making loud noise can be due to:

LG Dryer Drive Belt

This dryer drive belt wraps around the drum, tension pulley, and drive motor. It becomes frayed over time, causing loud noise. Replacing the LG dryer drive belt can help restore efficiency and reduce noise.

LG Dryer Drum Roller & Axle

Another major reason for LG dryers making noise is due to the worn-out drum rollers. They can cause the roller to make a rumbling noise. Replacing all worn-out rollers can be helpful in free spinning without wobbling or rattling. 
Another common reason for LG dryers making loud noise is – one or more roller axles might be worn out. It creates a loud rumbling noise. If the drum does not rotate efficiently, this could be repaired or replaced with the help of professional LG servicing. 

Drum Glides & Pad

The worn-out LG dryer drum glides and pads also create noise. These glides are made of plastic, and cannot last like steel and other parts. Replacing them with a new glide set can help troubleshoot the LG Dryer noise.

A loud grinding or scraping noise is produced when the LG dryer felt seal is damaged. Applying a new adhesive with a new seal can help troubleshoot the loud noise. Replacing the damaged LG dryer Idler pulley, assembly, drive motor, and drum support bearing is also a good idea to reduce the irritating scary noise produced in the LG laundry dryer.

Other Reasons LG Dryer Making Loud Noise

Some other common troubles due to which LG dryer making noise are – a badly levelled dryer, clothing trapped in the blower wheel, or damaged dryer drum bearing. When the blower wheel and housing are damaged, it could also start making noise. 
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