At Appliance Giant, our feedback is 100% genuine and completed post-purchase by our Australian consumers.  We value customer feedback, whether good or bad every feedback guides us in creating a better buying experience. We’ve collected over 7000+ reviews across our selling platforms, allowing us to know a thing or two about delivering a better tomorrow for our consumers. Let us know how your experience was with us by completing a product review feedback form or completing one of our reviews sent to your email post-purchase. Help others make a choice and shop with confidence. 


Where is our feedback from? 

eBay Australia - 7079 Feedback @ 99.9%

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Amazon Australia - 47 Ratings @ 98%

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Feedback and Ratings Valid as of 14th of May, 2019.


How do we collect our feedback? 

  1. Order Purchased
  2. Fulfilment of Order 
  3. After 2-7 days a feedback request is sent to the customer's email asking for a brief review of the purchase experience.  
  4. After 14 days a product review request is sent to the customer's email to provide feedback on the items quality, value and usability. 
  5. We then place the feedback live on our site to help you with your buying experience.