QLED TVs will change any expectations you may have about what televisions can do, and we're proud to stock a line of them at Appliance Giant from top industry brands. Designed to deliver a completely immersible experience, you'll fall in love with the ability to sit down, switch on your new QLED television and let it whisk you away.

You'll get 33 million pixels that turn your television viewing screen into a lifelike view with deeper images, stunning clarity and jaw-dropping colours and contrast. The 100% colour volume gives you unparalleled shades and brilliant hues that bring your screen to life. Pure whites, ultra-deep black and a deeper detail depth all ensure you'll get a realistic and accurate picture no matter if you're watching your favourite show or movie or using a streaming service.

Appliance Giant Offers High-Quality QLED Televisions

At Appliance Giant, our goal is to give our customers choices. We want you to be able to have the viewing experience you deserve that will turn your home into an entertainment haven. Adding a few TV accessories is one way to go, and you can choose speakers and soundbars that give you a movie theatre experience in the comfort of your own home. 

We have several sizes and options available to suit any budget, and we're happy to walk you through our various QLED TVs. Let us change your expectations with what television can do for you by helping you fall in love with the unparalleled experience that you'll get with your QLED television.

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