Top Mount Fridges

Traditional top mount refrigerators are one of the most common types available. You store your frozen items in the top of the unit, and the refrigerator is the bottom of the unit. Top mounted fridge units come in a variety of sizes, and we have a large range available at Appliance Giant.

You'll also get the choice of several finishes, and we make it easy to find the best top mount fridge to suit your decor and style. There is a strategic element to the design of this fridge. The freezer uses more energy to produce colder temperatures, and this colder air can seep down into your refrigerator. In turn, it cools the internal temperature, and you won't have to use as much energy.

Top mounted fridges also give you very quick and easy access to the freezer itself because it's right at eye level. If you regularly incorporate frozen foods into your diet or defrost meat to cook, it's easier to simply glance into your freezer and pick out what you need. You don't have to bend down or rummage around in the colder temperatures.

Appliance Giant Offers a Range of Top Mount Refrigerators

We understand that appliance shopping can be a big deal, and this is why we have several reputable brands in stock and ready to go. As soon as you find a top mount fridge that fits into your space, we can arrange shipping straight to your door. You'll have your new fridge quickly and efficiently when you order from us.

We invite you to browse through our stock of top mount refrigerators and find the one that works for you. If you have questions, you can reach out and contact our staff today!

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