You can get 4K, and then you can get 4K OLED televisions. These TVs represent one of the best advancements in television technology in the past few years. You'll get staggering contrast, deeper and richer colours and gorgeously curved screens each time you shop at Appliance Giant. It can be the centrepiece of your home, and you can add a host of TV accessories to build the ultimate home entertainment system.

What is an OLED TV?

What makes this type of TV unique is the fact that it comes with unique self-lighting pixels that switch off and on by themselves. This feature allows your OLED television to get an infinite contrast ratio for the lightest whites and darkest blacks possible. You get four-colour pixels with a white subpixel in addition to the standard three colours. The fourth addition boosts the televisions' colour range and gives you unparalleled colour representation.

Purchase Your OLED Television from Appliance Giant

OLED TV prices are starting to drop down, and you don't want to miss out! At Appliance Giant, we offer both LG and Sony OLED TVs. They come designed to deliver films and television in stunning colours with a detail level that will amaze. Watch your favourite TV shows or stream your favourite media with our OLED TVs and pick up all of the small details you missed in previous viewings.

The stunningly thin screen is another selling point. You're able to do more with much less when you purchase an OLED TV, and the thinnest point is just 0.43-centimetres. You'll get a flawless design that comes exquisitely balanced and perfectly suited for any space in your home.

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