Slow & Pressure Cookers

If you are looking for a high-quality, low-cost slow cooker, pressure cooker or multi-cooker, we have what you need right here. As a home appliance specialist with nearly 30 years of experience in the Australian marketplace, you know that you can trust us to deliver on our promises: buy a slow cooker from us and it will be dispatched without delay. More importantly, it will arrive at your home in pristine condition and ready to use. If you would like to buy a slow cooker from us but you have some questions about delivery or shipping costs, please see our FAQ section or feel free to call and speak to us during normal business hours.

When You Buy a Slow Cooker Online From Us, Quality Is Guaranteed

Because we source all of our slow cookers, pressure cookers and multi-cookers direct from Australian manufacturers and official importers, you never have to worry about receiving a substandard appliance when you place an order with us. Furthermore, every slow cooker online that you see on our website comes with the manufacturer’s full warranty, unlike grey imports which usually come with no warranty at all. If you would like to buy a slow cooker online in Australia and you wish to avoid dealing with grey importers, make sure you buy from Appliance Giant!

Make Delicious Dishes with Your New Slow Cooker

Once you buy a slow cooker from us, you will wonder how you ever managed without one. Slow cookers are perfect for making rich stews, soups, broths and casseroles, and take all the hard work out of these dishes. And when you buy a pressure cooker or slow cooker from us, take a look at our other benchtop cooking appliances to see if there’s anything else there that you fancy.

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