Rice Cookers & Steamers

Prepare rice for stir-fry dishes, burritos or a healthy side dish with chicken and vegetables when you pick up a rice cooker from Appliance Giant. These handy appliances make dinner preparation easy — rice cookers ensure your food is ready in minutes with just the push of a button. Browse the wide selection of rice cookers and steamers to help simplify your meals and expand your benchtop cooking appliance collection.

Rice Cooker Capacity

As you browse these rice cooker and steamer selections, note the capacity each one offers. Some models, like those from Kambrook, offer a 5-cup capacity, which results in 10 cups of cooked rice, enough to feed the whole family and several guests who've joined you for an Asian-themed dinner party. Other choices have even larger capacities, such as 7 cups, which makes up to 14 cups of cooked rice, which is plenty for a family banquet or restaurant.

Stainless Steel Rice Cookers and Steamers

Look for small rice cookers and larger-size units finished in stainless steel to match your other kitchen appliances and for good heat retention. Some units have a nonstick aluminium bowl inside, making cleanup after dinner easy.

Use the warm function to keep rice at a suitable temperature for serving while you're waiting for everything else to finish cooking. Clear lids let you keep an eye on your food as it cooks, and indicator lights let you know what setting you've chosen. Tight-fitting lids and clasps help retain heat for more efficient performance, and removable inserts make parts easy to clean.

Go Beyond Rice Cooking to Steaming

Boost your rice cooker's versatility by choosing one that doubles as a food steamer. Shop for those that include a steaming tray, so you can prepare crisp-tender vegetables, fish and dumplings.

Pair your new rice cooker with other handy benchtop appliances, like sandwich presses, fryers and pressure cookers to advance your cooking skills to the next level.

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