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The Perfect Cuppa with Kettles and Urns from Appliance Giant

Kettles boil water, what else is there to say? When you buy kettles you might be surprised by how many features you can get! Kettles and urns can come with pre-set temperatures and keep-warm buttons or can be built to boil as quietly as possible. There’s so much choice when you buy an electric kettle these days. Check out our huge range of kettles online and get your new kettle from Appliance Giant.

Buy Kettles with All the Latest Features

Before you buy an electric kettle, you should know what you need it for. A kettle for a morning cuppa at home and a kettle for a small-business break room will probably be a different size! If you like making specialty drinks like oolong tea you might prefer to buy kettles with pre-programmed settings to make sure you brew your tea at exactly the right temperature. If you keep forgetting you boiled the water, a keep-warm button is invaluable. Contact us and we’ll help you find the best kettles and urns for your needs. 

Whether Sleek or Classic, Buy Kettles That Go with Your Kitchen

Stainless steel, clear glass or pastel pink plastic? They all make a cuppa, but should you avoid a particular style? When you buy kettles online you should consider that stainless steel might go well with your other appliances, but fingerprints will show up. While clear glass has a very modern look, mineral residue from the water will be very easy to notice after using it for a while. Ultimately, any electric kettle online boils water, so we are mostly talking aesthetics. And in that case, why not buy kettles and toasters together to match the style! Don’t worry about quality when you buy kettles online in Australia. Read our FAQs and see how Appliance Giant makes sure you only get the best.

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