Product Care & Warranty


All products at Appliance Giant come with a minimum of 12 months manufacturer's warranty, unless otherwise specified (Please refer to the warranty tab of the purchasing/purchased item for exact warranty period). At we have no grey imports! All our products are brand new and are sourced directly from the Australian Manufacturer/Distributor. All items are delivered directly to our distribution centre in Sydney's West prior to being dispatched to you. We check for Carton Damages or any physical damages on our stock, to ensure the best possible service to our Giant customers. At Appliance Giant we back you, the client, with our Giant Price Guarantee and help you every step of the way with our 30 Day MoneyBack Guarantee.

The purchasing customer must retain a copy of the tax invoice provided. In the case, of needing to make a claim all you need is the tax invoice. If you do happen to misplace the original tax invoice, please contact us at 1300 444 268 or send us an email at and will kindly reissue you with a copy of your tax invoice. 


Product Care 

In addition to the Manufacturer's Warranty, you may purchase a Back-Up Plan which covers a range of consumer electronics and appliances. Back-Up Plans are a popular option for customers purchasing lifestyle products such as electrical goods. For an example of Back-Up plan coverage,  if you selected a Washing Machine that has a 2-year Manufacturer's Warranty, by purchasing an extra 3 Year Back-Up Plan your new Washing Machine will be covered for a total of 5 years from the date of purchase. 

The period of cover of the Back-Up Plan will automatically commence for the selected period at the expiration of the Manufacturer’s warranty period.  The Back-Up Plan, Appliances Giant offer to the purchasing customer is administered by The Warranty Group, one of Australia's largest warranty focussed administrators.

Please note the Back-Up Plans do not cover any bonus products supplied by the manufacturers and do not cover any commercial use. Commercial use is judged on who the user is, not by the amount of use the product is expected to have. For Commercial Usage Back-Up Plans, please contact our team as there are different Back-Up Plans available.

Please click this link to download a copy of the full information on what Back-Up Plan covers, and how to make claims.


After Care Service 

At Appliance Giant, we are committed to Delivering a Better Tomorrow. At any moment that you feel unsure or identified a problem, our team are here ready to help. Whether you require troubleshooting and/or need assistance booking in a warranty service request with manufacturers and/or service agents, simply call us on 1300 444 268 or email us at