10 Best Laundry Room Storage Ideas You Must Try!

Laundry rooms, particularly tiny ones, may rapidly become crowded and overwhelming. But do not be afraid! Here are some unique methods for laundry room storage ideas, optimising space use, and streamlining your washing process.

Laundry Room Organisation Ideas

Whether you're working with a little laundry room or a large utility room. Let's get started with laundry room organisation ideas into a functional and tidy hideaway!


Maximise Storage in Small Spaces

In a small laundry room, where every inch matters, creative shelving can improve your storage options. Choose a basic design for your storage tower to minimise a cluttered appearance.

By stacking washer and dryer units, you make place for lower shelves, increasing storage without compromising functionality.


Streamlined Look

Laundry can appear to be an endless process, which is mostly because it is. Nonetheless, creating a peaceful and clear laundry room might help alleviate the load. Whether your storage is hidden behind cabinet doors or shown on an open cart, aim for meticulous organisation.

Use matching containers to arrange goods by category, and label them clearly for easy access by anyone doing the laundry. Prioritise containers with handles, especially those on upper shelves, for easy retrieval.


Optimised Space Utilisation 

Optimising available space is essential, regardless of your laundry room's size. Keep cleaning products within reach in lower cabinets, organise small items in drawers, and place laundry essentials conveniently on a shelf above the machines.

Install wall hooks or under-cabinet rods for drying items, and utilise tall upper cabinets for storing bulk purchases like jumbo packs of toilet paper or paper towels.


Innovative Solutions

In numerous older homes, the placement of the washer and dryer within the kitchen poses hygiene concerns, combining fresh food and soiled laundry nearby.

If your home lacks a designated laundry area, explore alternative options: repurpose an unused closet or convert a small sunroom. This approach keeps laundry storage and appliances separate, minimising disruption. While enlisting a plumber might be necessary, it circumvents the need for extensive home renovations.


Mobile Storage Solution

Multi-tier rolling carts offer exceptional versatility in organising. Reserve the top tier for frequently accessed items such as detergent, dryer balls, and stain removers. Less commonly used products like bleach and washing machine cleaners can occupy lower tiers. Easily manoeuvre the cart between appliances or any area where it remains unobtrusive during your tasks.


Organisation in the Laundry Room

A thoughtfully planned layout seamlessly integrates a laundry area with a hobby space. Along one wall of this vibrant multi-functional room, a front-loading washer, dryer, and utility sink are neatly arranged. Upper cabinets provide adaptable storage for laundry essentials and craft supplies alike.

A central table serves dual purposes, facilitating both clothing folding and crafting activities. Storage nestled between the washer and dryer offers a convenient spot for detergent pods and dryer sheets.


Appliance Storage Solutions

Some washer and dryer brands offer the convenience of storage drawers built into the base of the appliances. If you're in the market for new laundry appliances and space is limited in your laundry room, prioritise this feature. Enhance the functionality of a compact area with additional laundry room storage shelves, whether for supplies or decorative items.


Organisation in Compact Spaces

In condos, apartments, or small homes where a full-size laundry room is impractical, consider this storage solution. A stacked washer and dryer discreetly fit into a narrow closet adjacent to the kitchen, utilising nearby cabinets for storage.

Perforated door panels not only add visual appeal but also ensure ventilation in the laundry area, all while concealing the appliances from view.


Organised Laundry Routine

Allocate each family member's socks and underwear into individual mesh bags before washing and drying them together. After the cycle completes, each person can retrieve their bag for sorting and storage. Utilise hooks to hang the bags and affix labels to distinguish between clean and dirty contents, ensuring an efficient laundry process.


Convenient Turntable Usage

Whether you're storing laundry essentials on a countertop or beneath the sink, incorporating a turntable provides effortless accessibility. Arrange items according to their purpose, such as post-wash supplies, for logical organisation. Gather smaller items like clothespins in a tall container to maintain neat storage.



To wrap things up, nailing down a well-organised and efficient laundry room is crucial for smoothing out those never-ending piles of laundry, no matter how big or small your space is. We've covered some clever laundry organisation ideas, like using multi-tier carts and handy appliance drawers, as well as smart layout designs and convenient tools like turntables. By putting these tips into action, you can turn your laundry room into a tidy and functional space that makes laundry day a little less daunting for everyone involved.