4 Easy Ways to Fix Clothes Dryer Not Heating Up Problem!

When your dryer breaks down, it can seriously affect household functions. You can try various methods to get it back in working order, though. Older or out-of-date machines are frequently troubled with dryer heating issues. Appliance Giant offers several dryer options that come with warranties if you're thinking about upgrading.

Ways to Fix Clothes Dryer Not Heating Up

Clothes dryers not heating up could be caused by a number of things. Inadequate heating may be caused by unclean lint screens, overloading, or power outages. Clothes drying may be partial or ineffective when there is an obstruction in the dryer vent or a clogged or dirty lint screen, even though these issues may not be directly related to heating issues. If your dryer not drying clothes to your standards, it makes sense to start troubleshooting by taking care of these frequent problems.

1) Dirty lint screen

A lint screen obstructed by lint can prolong the drying cycle of your appliance. Remember to clean your lint screen regularly after each use to prevent excessive lint buildup, which can impede airflow and strain the heating system.

A blocked lint screen can restrict airflow and strain the heating mechanism. Cleaning the lint screen can enhance dryer performance. Locate the lint screen at the top of the dryer or within the door opening and remove it. If necessary, unfold the lint screen, then manually remove the lint. Close the lint screen and reposition it. When cleaning after each cycle, avoid rinsing the screen with water as wet lint is challenging to eliminate.

2) Insufficient Power

Electric Dryers: These appliances necessitate a 240-volt power supply for proper operation. If your dryer is connected to an outlet providing less than 240 volts, it won't receive sufficient power. If you're uncertain about the voltage of your wall outlet, seek guidance from a certified electrician.

Gas Dryers: These units rely on a valve for their gas supply. Ensure the valve handle is turned parallel to the gas pipe to open it. If the valve remains closed, the dryer drum may still rotate, but heating will be disabled. Consult your owner's manual for precise instructions on verifying power flow to your appliance.

For Electric Dryers:

  • Confirm that your wall outlet supplies at least 240 volts of power.
  • Check if the dryer's circuit breakers have tripped by unplugging the appliance, resetting both circuit breakers, and then reconnecting the dryer.

For Gas Dryers:

  • Inspect the gas valve position on the dryer supply line.
  • If the valve handle is perpendicular to the gas pipe, turn it parallel to open it.

3) Crushed or Blocked House Vent

Proper airflow is essential for optimal dryer performance. While a crushed or obstructed vent may not directly cause heating issues, it can impede the dryer's overall functionality. During the drying process, moisture is generated and must be efficiently expelled from the appliance for effective drying. If steam is unable to vent, drying times may be significantly prolonged. Venting should extend from the dryer to the exterior of the house and remain clear of any obstructions.

Before seeking professional assistance, inspect your house vent for kinks and blockages such as lint accumulation. Clean the entire vent pathway as necessary, starting from the back of the dryer and continuing to where it exits your home.

4) Oversized Load

Dryers need adequate space to facilitate airflow for proper circulation of hot air among the garments. If the load is excessively large, it can impede the dryer's operation. Inadequate airflow can lead to extended drying times, exerting undue strain on the heating mechanism.

Follow these steps:

  • Empty the dryer and check if any garments have dried completely.
  • Ensure the dryer drum is filled to only about ¾ of its capacity.
  • For front-load dryers where visibility is possible during drying, ensure garments have enough room to tumble freely.


Appliance Giant offers comprehensive solutions to address the common issue of clothes dryers not heating up. With a wide range of products and expert guidance, Appliance Giant can assist in diagnosing the problem or suggesting suitable replacements to ensure efficient and reliable dryer performance for households everywhere.